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Birds and Bees - Filling your garden with birds and bees shouldn’t be hard so that is why we have created a range of wild bird food seed mixes that are expertly selected to provide the right balance of nutrition for garden birds, seeds for bees and bee logs.

CJ Wildlife - We offer a wide variety of high-quality products for garden birds, hedgehogs, squirrels, bats and insects. In addition to our wild bird and wildlife foods, we also supply our own nest boxes, bird boxes, hedgehog houses, squirrel houses and frog bunkers.

Crocus - It is important to look after the wildlife in your garden, after all the birds, hedgehogs & toads help keep the bugs down while the bees & butterflies help pollinate our flowers. Our range of products include feeders & food, bird & insect houses to baths.

Garden Bird and Wildlife Co - For all you people out there that like to see our birds and wildlife well fed and cared for all year round we have a range bird seeds, suet to live food and nest boxes for all size birds to an extensive rangoe of wildlife houses and food mixes.

MedicAnimal - One stop online shop for wild birds foods for all year round from Albert E James and Bill Oddie. Attract a range of wild birds to your garden with wild bird seeds, energy feast fat balls, the finest peanuts to luxury fruit and crumble mixes. Range of plas

Twootz - We are a provider of quality and low-priced bird feeds, bird seed and wild bird food plus a variety of bird feeders of all shapes and sizes. A range grain, seed mixes, fat balls and live feeds to suit all budgets and a wide range of wild birds.