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Introducing Garden Bird and Wildlife Co

For all you people out there that like to see our birds and wildlife well fed and cared for all year round we have a range bird seeds, suet to live food and nest boxes for all size birds to an extensive rangoe of wildlife houses and food mixes.

Products in Focus at Garden Bird and Wildlife Co

  • Garden Bird Feeders
  • Wild Bird Food
  • Bird Nest Boxes
  • Bird Tables and Fat balls
  • Seed and Nut Feeders
  • Bird Care Accessories

The Product Range at Garden Bird and Wildlife Co

As one of the UK's largest specialist suppliers of wild bird-related products by mail order we now have one of the widest ranges of quality foods, feeders, nest boxes and birdcare accessories, all tested for safety and effectiveness. Plus there’s wildlife foods, habitats and plants in our range too.

Our foods, expertly formulated by ornithologists and avian nutritionists from the finest ingredients, were a revelation. Every week since we started the business we've had letters from customers who thought they 'didn't have any birds' in their gardens, who have been inundated with garden visitors since starting to put out our foods!

Birds, like most creatures, will not eat rubbish unless they're desperate - but they'll come back time after time for good food. And so, like the birds, do our customers - many of whom have been with us since our very first week!

About Garden Bird and Wildlife Co

Founded in the little country town of Wem in Shropshire in the autumn of 1994. Our aim was to provide a range of high-quality foods for wild birds, something surprisingly difficult to find even now. What hasn't changed is our commitment to quality for the birds and service for our customers. Garden Bird Supplies still means, as it did in 1994, 'The very best for your garden birds - delivered direct to your door'.

At that time, people were just beginning to recognise the dangerously falling populations of many of our best-loved garden birds - caused largely by changing agricultural practices and urban encroachment on the countryside - and we felt that the year-round feeding of good, nutritious food across a network of gardens could play a big part in countering this problem.

Customer Service at Garden Bird and Wildlife Co

Unlike many of our competitors, we deliver to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man and outlying areas at no extra cost to you. Due to geographical location, deliveries to these locations will take a little longer.

We have a No Signature contract with our couriers so you don't need to be in when delivery is made, just tell us where to leave your order. We can also deliver to an alternative address (e.g. your place of work) at no extra cost - again just advise when you place your order.

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